Cisco ASA: “Not enough space on device” error fixed

Cisco ASA: “Not enough space on device” error fixed

Several hours ago I took the ASA device in my lab to the routine software upgrade. I started with the fresh ASDM image upload, but it failed with the error message “Not enough space on device”. The reason sounds obvious, but it is not so trivial – how can you clean up some space on the physical appliance?

It appears that ASA does not clean up old software packages after their installation via ASDM. After several upgrades the flash memory of the device will be full of unused files, with no room to upload new ones. This is the time for manual cleanup.

Be extra careful – deleting ASDM image that is currently in use will leave you without ASDM access!

Note that you can run those commands also via CLI access within ASDM (“Tools” => “Command Line Interface…”). The “/noconfirm” switch of ‘delete’ command with eliminate the need for interactive confirmation:

delete /noconfirm disk0:/asdm-713.bin

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